It’s a sunny day, I’ve just eaten a prosciutto-and-babaganoush sandwich at Ray’s, and I’ve come in here for a haircut. Here is Clip’N’Shave for Men, on Victoria Street, Brunswick. I’m waiting for my turn, when I realise that the music playing is The Wanderer, the classic unreconstructed single by Dion & The Belmonts, but without Dion – it’s just the backing track.

The barber’s name is Michael, too. He tells me he makes up backing tracks from the original rock’n’roll records, then sings and plays against them at functions. He used to play in a band, but these are lean times for live music, and you don’t make much in an 8-piece band. This I know. So now just he and a friend play at Italian/Australian weddings – “It’s easier than a band these days…”

On the walls are lots of pictures of Elvis. Michael is a big Elvis fan. There’s a guitar in the corner, leaning against a child’s car-seat. There’s an Elvis clock, with pendulum-legs swinging. Michael’s into Kenpo, a martial art that Elvis practised. In fact, Michael’s Kenpo teacher taught Elvis! I shake his hand. He obviously has shaken his teacher’s hand. And, it must follow, his teacher would surely have shaken Elvis’s hand! I am 3 steps from Elvis.